Lyrics: Hold you tight

Jonay Ft Daniel Gidlund
Song: Hold you tight
Album: The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine

So fresh so clean
So blessed that means
J and nobody else but me
Who can move you the way I do
And I’m upon it, right away if I say I do
No this and that no claptrap at all
If someone has a problem I clap back em all
Smooth and gentle it’s the way I handle
Bet ya felt the difference, when I came thru
What’s your name boo?
Took your hand, whispered in ya ear
“You sweet as an angel”
I remember you gazing seriously
Thanks to a jerk walking up to you previous me
But once I had you loosen up
I introduced myself with a none seducing touch
Proved myself to be the trusted type
Never thought I a club night would show me what real love is like
It’s Crazy…


Hold you tight, never will I let you go, no matter what you might do
Always be by your side, there’s nothing you and I, can’t get thru
I’m a hold you up, whenever u you have a problem I’m a hold you up
When you dont   deserve it, and aint really worht it
I ma still give you all of my love

Verse 2:

Somewhere round 96
I’m at this party introduced to this dude named Mr.Smith
I’m like wow that song is nice (who do you love?)
Didn’t understand a word but that’s quite alright
I Moved my lips, like I really did knew the lyrics
Looked so stupid like some kind of remix
Copped that album right away
Started to study write my own rhymes, night and days
Going thru my mind, what I would like to say
And finally I, was able to bring out, everything about me
Got my own style and started to represent it proudly
Sometimes I go back to old notepads
Just to remind myself, about the times when I was so whack
But I kept going, my vision was clear
Like it or not, I aint going nowhere

Verse 3:
I’ll probably never make million bucks
Have enough cash to appeal some love
Never drive a car that’s fast enough
Or Be VIP for the night up in the clubs
But if you ask me, I got pretty enuff
I might not be wealthy but I’m healthy and got some love
So in other words I’m thankful to God
For everything I have and everything I have not.


I like this song very much! Did you add some Chinese instruments elements in it? It sounds like Pipa, right? I think it is brilliant!
Very beautiful! Wish for your next album! 🙂

Hello! Yeah I used some kind of instrument with the feeling of far east, but Im not sure what is called 🙂 Im glad you liked the song!

Hi genious !!

I casually found you looking for creative commons – stuff.
Sweish ladies was associated with this -as I understood. So I ry to sing even over it ..
Please tell me if you rteally do not mind –
but more important:

I would like to make a productionwith you as I see the GENIOUS behind you.

My channel in youtube is oldvisiger – but this is only a new project. I am producer too.

CU Oldvi

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