Lyrics: This Is Sweden

Artist: Jonay
Song: This Is Sweden:
Album: The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine

Feel like talking right now, so I might be talking about you, you, you and you
I won’t mention any names, no, I’ll let ya do it for me
J a.k.a, smooth silk linen baby

Time to get things straight once and for all
Ima do the damn thang with lot of honeys involved
I’m 24 years old of course I’ma ball
Don’t give damn in case some of ya…
Might consider me, as being too soft
I’ma me tell ya like it is, your life ain’t hard
This aint New York, you ain’t ghetto
You ain’t hustling, squeezing any metals
The closest you come, is wearing baggy jeans
Watching rap shows and reading magazines
But keep repping who’s the hardest
I get more time with your girlfriend in your own apartment
Lights off, J, coming out of the stereo
One phone call away and I’m, ready to go
I ain’t talking in a disrespectful way
But some of ya have some issues nowadays

Stop lying dawg you aint struggling at all, because”This is Sweden”
You aint packing gats you aint hard you aint living in the garage, because “This is Sweden”
Fly overseas claim you’sa a G, please believe, “This aint Sweden”
Witness a massacre, in Middle East or Africa, I bet ya be thanking God   “This is Sweden”

I love what I’m doing plus I don’t need to act
Tell couple of lies to seem mean and bad
We both know, ya don’t live like that
Because you dream about it, doesn’t, mean you have
How many times ya, need to be reminded
This is Sweden your lifestyle is delighted
So cut the nonsense
Wake up from your fake misery release your conscious
Unfold your blinds
All you see is birds singing, aint no homicides
It’s all good and calm but somehow
You make it sound as if you are in war in your part of town
You fake, you phony, your style is garbage
Learn to spit truth then call yourself an artist
I, didn’t want to do this, but ya got me started, so
Keep ya lips sealed, tell me how this shit feels, when it’s this real

Chorus x2:

I don’t need a third verse; I let the beat ride upon you,
I won’t waste no more time,
And for all of ya, that have been through real pain, I got nothing but love for you
Keep your head up
The darker the sky is the brighter the stars shine
Keep that in mind

This is
This is
This is…is is is
This is
This is
This is

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