Lyrics: Swedish ladies

Artist: Jonay
Song: Swedish ladies
Album: The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine

All I need is a cam, to record it for you
Show you what I’m talking about
You know I had to make this song right here…
Cause, If I wouldn’t then somebody else would…


Why complain about the cold
When we got the most, beautiful ladies from all over the globe
This song is dedicated to all ya
Whether you are black or white, short or tall
Brunette or Blonde
Slim or thick, Stressed or calm,
But I’m not talking about those, with a bad attitude
Wearing hoochie clothes
Don’t know how to talk,
Act like a man and spit when they walk
I’m talking about the classy types, with a proper outfit
When they smile, is like God sent down announcements
For all men to behave
Funny see ten men get straight right away
A lady is all it takes, to get some order up in the place
When the sky is dim she puts a smile on your face

Chorus x2:
I’ve been all around the world, and seen a lot of faces
But there is no place like Sweden and Swedish ladies
I got nothing but love for you

Nothing is better than summer time
Chill downtown with some friends of mine
Drinking soda admiring, all the ladies, at the bus stop
Right in front of us, waiting
Giggling playing with the hair
And we know they are aware that we stare
It’s kinda cute though.
With that innocent look when they know we checking out their “culo”
Sweet top, tight jeans, high heels, and a matching bag
All it takes for me to start to act
I love it when they playing hard to catch
Won’t even give out their number to the star of rap
Says no, with the twinkle in her eye
I won’t lay low; I’ve been single for a while
Smile into my camcorder
So I can show em what I mean from Rome to California

Chorus x2:

My favourite spot, is the shopping mall
Buying ice cream turning my iPod on
Kicking back observing nice things
Every other minute is like being hit by lightning
It’s a beautiful sight
To have happy girls to the left in the front to the right
Nothing makes them feel better than having chatter to spend
Walking out of the store with two bags in each hand
Damn, girls what the names be
“Lisa, Maria, Stephanie”
Pose for my cam, before ya leaving, I’m on a mission
To show the world, girls from Sweden are the most delicious
Of that I give no reason for people to be suspicious
While ya on it, blow some kisses
We got the finest ones now I got the whole world as my witness


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