Lyrics: It’s Over

Artist: Jonay Ft Daniel Gidlund
Song: It’s Over
Album: The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine

Uh, Jonay, yeah, it’s alright now, I know, you have questions for, but I all you need to do is… just listen

Verse 1:
Ever since the first day I saw you
How ever I tried I couldn’t stop feeling nothing but love for you
You had me in a deep clutch
Sat thru nights imagining about your sweet touch
Wonder how it would feel to be by your side
For a night discuss the things that you like
While you’ll just gimme your hand to hold
Wanted me to rub you warm cause you starting to feel cold
Was all a fantasy
But knew the day would come when I would find you next to me
As a part of my team
Become my partner the one who be supporting my dreams
All I had to do was be patient, give you time
To realize no love out there is sweet as mine
Couple of months later, we settled down
Remember you saying that made you feel like a queen with a crown

It’s over, but tell me what you want me to do
I gave you my heart but it seems like it wasn’t enough for you

Verse 2:
We used to shine bright as NY city’ lights
But that was the time when you and I was really tight
Like a decade ago
Still see the expression on your face when you asked if I loved you
And I said “no”
Tears started to fall like rain on your lap
Felt like somebody stuck a razor blade down my back
But I, had to be honest there was no passion
No glow no gratification at all
Your actions, was like a week of vacation with spa
Plus a freaky imitation of a wall
No matter how I hard I tried
I couldn’t reach you, I was something you started to deny
For some reason, but didn’t quite understand what it was
Cause you always told me J I’m so deep in love
Who would thought I would be the one to give you up
Cause I gave you all…. but even that was not enough, so


Now I’m sitting here glancing at the wall
Asking my self could it been my fault
But nothing really comes to mind
Except all those times, when I made you shine
Like I put the sun in your hand
Nothing else was more precious than me becoming your man
Had dreams and visions, but things didn’t went as we planned
Waited for me to give you reasons to act out of hand
But I didn’t, so it bugged you out
Ended up with you making up stories so you could cuss me out
The more I loved you, less I felt wanted
And I’m pretty sure that aint what real loves about
It wasn’t hard to tell was time for me to bounce you out
Even though a small part of me was still in doubt
With a great sadness I brought out the words
You may sit down baby because this might hurt

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