Four crazy days in Barcelona and some tips for you

Where to start?  So many impressions. Just came back from my trip to Barcelona, spent 4 crazy, energetic and amazing days with couple of friends. (Lot of new inspiration for my music!)  One of my best friends is  living there so we  had the best guide as well! He is working as a Bartender at Hotel W, which is really not a disadvantage ! My first reaction when I arrived back to Stockholm was, damn I need to get an apartment over there!  To be continued!
The trip didn’t have any culture perspective, yeah what a shame I know… (I save that for some other time), the focus was more on the beach, ocean, Spanish food and drinks, people, chilling, lounging, night clubs and resting! And there were plenty of everything 😀

One nice surprise was that I  actually could communicate in spanish. Surprise surprise, wish my high school teacher in Spanish could read this! When conversation reached a dead-end then english was my last resort, and sometimes I cheated by using  my android spanish app. Noone is perfect 😛   When my spanish, their english or my app failed  my taxi ride ended up 30 min away from my actual destination. But that’s another story though 🙂
I also then realized that  sitting at the backseat of a taxi, window down with the cool breeze against your face, with the heat,  ligths, spanish all over the streets,  and just relaxing while you have no idea where you are for the moment, is a nice feeling! As longest as you arrive, at some point, to your final destination. Yeah I know it sounds weird , but it is one of those feelings that can’t be put into words. Taxi ride in a foreign country 😀 Gotta love it

As I mentioned, we had a nice club tour going on. Shoko, CDLC and Sutton were the clubs we explored. My favorite? On a second though, it was definitely Sutton.  Hot interior, beautiful and laid back people, great air conditioner 😀 and nice music!  If you visit Barcelona make sure to visit Sutton.  One other club that I didn’t get the chance to visit was Eclipse that is located at the top of Hotel W.  It was my last night and lack o energy was the main reason 🙂

Other tips for you,  try the tapas at La Bombeta A local place with great taste. Or the burger at Zahara Cocktail Club the crazy bar/restaurant Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria) or the funny but tasty dessert named broiled baby strawberries with pepper at Agua

The great thing about Barcelona is that there is no such thing as “it’s to late”   there is no no need to rush anywhere! To have a meal at 1 am and know that the night is still young has a calm affect on you..

Until next trip,  I think I  should focus to finish some of my new tracks! 😀

Catch ya later!

P.s if you travel  a lot make sure to check out the app TripIt! it’s a great travel organizer!

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