Lyrics: Fly away

Artist: Jonay
Song: Fly Away
Album: The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine

I’ve been loving you for some time now, can you tell it
By the look on my eyes when I touch you, hope you feel it
Aint no lie when I say to you that, I’m the realest
From the first hugging and kissing I hope you, felt the difference
Wanna tell ya like it is, I don’t really know how
What if I’m wrong, not your type,  I don’t wanna, sound foul
Cause I respect u to damn much, I aint in a rush
All I wanna become is the man you will love

Chorus x4:
hey hey hey, do you wanna, fly away with me?

How can I make myself understood when you not around
Wish I could have you right here by my side lying down
Would be hard for me to say everything that’s on my mind
but at least I don’t  have to worry if you spending time
With somebody else, and I know  I can’t say a  thang
since we aint a couple its none of my bizniezz whos your friend
but I can’t  help  be jealous, but I guess thats okey
when I do have feeelings,  but  why should it be so hard to say “I love you”

Chorus x4:

If I took your hand and told ya,  I wanna make a  promise
I’m willing to wait for ya, just want you to be honest
Let me know, yes or no,
You want me to stay or should I let you go?
Friendship or relation girl, whatcha want?
Why couldn’t we just have em both,  as far as I’m concerned
You feeling my style cause that’s what you told  now I can’t help to yearn
For more, your love is a, precious wealth
I can’t image loosing you to somebody else

Chorus x8:

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