Midnight in Paris

I  should stop   traveling for a while and instead  focus on my new songs! I tried to combine both but that approach hasn’t been so successful, to many good distractions along the way 🙂 What to do??!

Anyway, this year I celebrated new year in Paris. The city and atmosphere was magical! And now I understand why it is called the “The City of Lights”   And seriously, the cakes and sweets over there are amazing, found me some new love called macarons. Love at  first bite, no joke! I’m glad I hit the gym around 150 days during 2011 (yes I keep a training journal), otherwise I wouldn’t probably enjoy it the way I did 🙂 You didn’t only eat dessert over there you might ask? Well, you are totally right I didn’t. I managed to check out the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Louvre, Notre Dame, Champs-Élysée and Arch of Triumph. The usual tourist attractions. Totally worth checking them out !  I’m not only creative my words and music, I think I’m pretty cool behind the camera as well. At least I think I’m 🙂 Here are some photos from Paris to demonstrate my skills.
Next stop? Helsinki this weekend, Madrid in May and I’ll  try to visit Amsterdam in Mars.


So what’s new on the music side?
I have two new songs almost ready, just waiting for the final touch. But I’m still not sure if I’ll release those. Feels like something is missing… In the meantime I’m working on some new beats, I have couple of ideas I want to fulfill. Let’s see in the near future where it ends up.
Lately I have also received some  interesting offers for my music, regarding tv, commercials and such. But as you know I believe in creative common and I’m not member of  any collective rights society. Therefore I haven’t been able to accept the terms.

I hope 2012 has started in a good way for you!

See you around!


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