Skydiving Challenge

One day I wanted to try something new with my music. I chose a beat, which I had produced, and together with Jamendo I let the members listen to the beat and decide the topic for the song by voting (topics were Skydiving, Cellphone,Traffic Lights, Headphones, Bar chair, Briefcase, Sofa) I’m glad Skydiving got the most votes!

But I have never tried skydiving myself (to afraid of heights), so how can I write a song about it? Well I made some research and finally registered an account at Dropzone (one of the biggest skydiving communities) I started this thread. Many were skeptical at the beginning, but they started slowly to share stories and information with me. Once the song was ready their comments were totally different in this thread.

The lyrics for the song are totally based upon the stories shared by the skydivers on Dropzone, from all over the world. It was not easy to turn it into lyrics but it turned out pretty well I think.

The song project started as fun and exciting challenge and has now almost become a world wide anthem for Skydivers. A big thanks to Jamendo and its members and to the Skydiving community Dropzone.

I hope you enjoy the song, and feel inspired to skydive!

You can find song and lyrics here



[…] I just came back from an amazing trip to Australia and New Zealand. More about that and some photos in a future post. One thing I can mention is that I finally did my first skydiving in Queenstown. It was freaking amazing. It was also flattering that my jumpmaster was a fan of my skydiving song! I can finally relate to my own song  If you are not aware of the background story, you can read it here […]

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