Snowboard time!

Inspired by all the ski and snowboard videos lately , I  realized it’s been a while since I went snowboarding my self. But the now the bags are packed  and I’m ready for my trip to Trysil,Norway. Going to spend Thursday Sunday in a cabin somewhere up in the hills, not alone of course 😀 . A kind of different environment to my Milano trip, but damn I feel excited!

The least exciting part is the car ride, takes 5-6 hours to drive from Stockholm, but that is an adventure as well.

I be back late on Sunday, and have an early early early train to catch on Monday morning to Gothenburg. I guess I have to deal with that “problem” later! 🙂

For now this is what it’s all about!


(note, it is not me on the pic,  I’m too fast to be captured by the camera :D)

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