Back from Milano

By now you probably know that I’m a big soccer fan, and one of my favorite teams are Inter ( a team from Milano, Italy)
So me and an entourage of 11 people decided to go to Italy and watch the Milano derby between Inter and Milan. It was a weekend trip (23-25 January) and my first time flying Ryan Air. I had heard so many bad experiences with that airline so I did expect the worse. But  there were no problems at all, except that  my eyes did hurt every time I looked at those ugly yellow plane chairs in front of me 😀

The city was really charming, the hotel was great and the people were extremely generous! I’m pretty sure I go back to Milano again, but this time when the sun is shining and without having soccer on my mind.

So back to the game…the result? 2-0 to did I celebrate that?…  at a restaurant, somewhere in the area of Venezia, ordering a pizza around 1:30 AM…   Bellissimo!

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