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Summer update+interview

Hello happy people!
I’ve realized that I’m not updating the blog as much as I want, several reasons for that.
1. The World Cup. Yes I’ma soccer freak πŸ™‚
2. The Sunny weather. If you live in Sweden and the sun is shining you just got to make sure to embrace it.
3.Wordpress. Still haven’t been able to find an really effective way to use it. The update process feels sort of diffuse and not so motivational. So If you have any good tips on any good wordpress update procedures, please share it with me!

Next SundayI’m also off for a two week long vacation. Flying to Turkey! I’ll post someΒ  pics during my vacation and share it with you.

As a last note, check out the interview the german site did with me. If you are not german then google translate is your friend πŸ™‚

I wish all of you a wonderful summer and that you create plenty of new exciting memories!






i love your albums completely oh yes , donate u sm gifts , after meeting u in sweden as i am travelin 2 sweden this winter,

Your fan from india

Abhishek Goyal

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