Vacation pictures

Two weeks went by like two hours…shhwiiish, suddenly I’m back in Sweden again. Theory of relativity in action I guess…
And I think the saying that the weather in Sweden is best during August is a myth.Since my arrival  it’s been raining for three days! I’m not overreacting when I say that I’ve already started looking for a flight out of this misery 🙂
I promised to share some of my vacation pictures with you, so here are few.
Unfortunately I suck at wordpress, yes I’m not ashamed to admit that 🙂 so I have no idea how to present the pictures as a nice gallery. Until I figure it out,  my dropbox gallery is my solution,  here is the link –vacation pictures

Hope you enjoy them.




Jonay, I just checked out the vacation pic’s, I did not realize Turkey was so beautiful. Sounds like your vacation was a little piece of heaven.

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