Weekend trip to Prague

When I booked the weekend trip to Prague I had some expectations. But I can tell you without exaggerating that, the actual experience of Prague was way above my expectations! 🙂

Here is a short summary of my trip.
It all started with me and my friend almost missing the flight. For some reason, the day before, I thought it was a good idea to book a taxi 1:15 min before the flight. From Stockholm to Arlanda Airport is almost 40 km. It was Friday and during rush hour and on top of that it was snowing heavily! What an anti-climax, no Prague, instead stuck in Traffic! 🙂 But thanks to our amazing taxi driver, or should I say crazy taxi driver that drove like a renegade, we managed to reach the desk 5 min before closing…
Ironically, once we were on the plane, it was delayed by 35 min because of the snow.. 😀

We arrived to Prague around 19:20 and hopped into  the already waiting taxi (booked through the hotel) that would take us straight to our hotel. I’d heard so many stories about taxi scams,that this was the only option. The hotel we stayed in was called Melantrich . Before I travel I always check to make sure the hotel is nice. Since I wanted a hotel close to everything Melantrich was our choice. A three star hotel without any flashy things, but  the location was perfect! right in the Old Town Square! close to restaurants, pubs,clubs historical buildings, ATM’s etc.  I highly recommend that hotel! I never managed to wake up for breakfast so I can’t tell you how it was but everything else was perfect! 🙂

Club Tour
These are some of the  clubs that we visited during our stay.We also visited other lounge, pubs, bars and clubs but I don’t really remember the names 🙂
Zlaty Strom

Karlovny Lazne
Club Lavka

Of course I also managed to explore the cultural side of Prague to some extent.  I also had one of the best cake experiences ever!
One of the best things with Prague is the variety of people. During our stay we talked to  people from all over the world.  New York, Beirut, Switzerland, Russia, France, Italy, Spain and of course Czechs  that were really friendly!

So if you want the best of everything you should visit Prague!


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