Norway trip and lessons learned

Couple of days ago I was in Norway and tried out skiing again. It was around -23 °C in Oslo when I landed, so it was a little chilly! The last time I tried skiing was like 15 years ago. So you can do the math, I overturned a couple of times and managed to hurt my shoulder 😀 – two weeks without any type of exercise for me. What I learned? Make sure you know how to stop and make a turn before you try this. Thinking you know is not the same as actually knowing 🙂 I think I’ll stick to snowboard and plastic sledge from now on.

Now Ima go and ease the pain with some mulled wine 🙂

Here are few pictures by the way of the amazing Norwegian landscape that I witnessed…

Hope you all had a great Christmas!
Happy new year! See you in 2011!



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