Why my music is for free…

Pretty often I get the question, why am I giving away my music for free? (for none commercial use) Well here are 2 reasons.
1. Music is my passion and I want to share that passions with as much people as possible. The best way for me is to make it available for free. Since I’m a good position to give it away (see point 2) I decide to do so.

2. The time and effort I put in, I get it back by your support, your promotion and your donations. The moment you decide to share one of my songs with  friends, on your blog, in your videos or on social networks such as twitter and facebook, you contribute to my free music.  The moment you decide to donate because you like my music you contribute to my free music.  When there are sites like Jamendo they contribute to my free music.

I hope this great relation between me and you will stay strong for a very long time. And of course the most important thing  for me is to make  good music so you feel comfortable to do your part 🙂


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